Ordering, copyrights



How to order

Cartoons can be ordered by e-mail. The number of cartoons and the aim of use have to be indicated. The acceptance of ordering will be acknowledged by reply letter within 24 hours. In case of transferring we send the ordered catoons ( items) by e-mail within 48 hours. We can provide the cartoons in vectorgraphic format or in pixelgraphic format ( as you wish), in optional resolution and measurement.


Categories of use

  • For presentations / papers / blogs: 5 $
  • For firms (inside using) / news – sheets : 10$
  • For not commercial websites: 10$
  • For commercial websites: 20$
  • For not with the aim of commercial publications / not commercial newspapers: 25$

Please state one URL per use in website

Magazines, newspapers

  • Circulation 1 – 25.000: 25$
  • Circulation 25.000 – 100.000: 40$
  • Circulation 100.000 – 500.000: 60$
  • Circulation over 500.000: 80$


Please read the information concerning copyrights.


  • Single publication right is given to the purchased cartoons
  • Using time of the cartoon(s) is one year
  • Cartoons must not be altered considerably but measurement, resolution and file format can be changed and cartoons can be coloured
  • Customers have limited sphere of authority, cartoons must not be sold and publication rights must not be granted
  • Cartoons can only be used in the given category

Sándor Vámos caricaturist

journalist certificate number: R/817 Community of Hungarian Journalist